Alternative Summer Activities for Hockey Players & Fans

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Alternative Summer Activities for Hockey Players & Fans

The summer months comprise undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the entire year. To be sure, while the summer often signals a pause in the regular season of hockey, it harkens long days of warm weather and a respite from the brutal cold that sweeps the nation during the winter.

Of course, you can always sign up for a summer hockey league and take to the ice this summer. Or, if you would rather spend more of your time outside, you can consider tossing on a new pair of USA Hockey® Mesh Athletic Shorts and develop your athletic abilities while trying something new. If you are ready for a break from the hockey rink this summer, try these alternative activities this summer to stay in shape and have some fun.

Hit the Rink…Outside

In reality, many hockey players find it difficult to spend the entire summer months away from the hockey rink. And if you have the same nostalgia for the rink, consider getting your hockey fix by signing up for an inline hockey league before the summer ends. Inline hockey, played on a concrete rink instead of ice, generally follows the same rules as ice hockey, yet allows you to enjoy the warmth of the sun while playing.

What are some of the benefits of inline hockey? While playing, you can work on your skating, shooting, and passing skills, and help maintain the strength of your legs and the capacity of your lungs. And even though the sport is different than its counterpart played on ice, the similarities are significant enough that you will certainly emerge from a summer playing inline as a better hockey player overall.

Try Out Ultimate Frisbee

In some cases, a hockey player may truly wish to distance him or herself from the ice rink for the entirety of the season. Some players may feel slightly burnt out from playing all year, while others may simply want to experience other activities while the weather remains warm.

Regardless of your reasons for staying away from the rink during the summer, it can be highly beneficial for your future as a hockey player to find an activity to stay in shape. And, truly, one of the best activities to help with this is ultimate Frisbee, a relatively new sport that has swept the entire nation.

Ultimate Frisbee is fairly basic; it is a sport played with a Frisbee and is fairly similar to many field sports. Players on the same team must toss the Frisbee to one another down the field, with the goal being to throw it to a player standing in the end zone in order to score a point.

How can playing ultimate Frisbee help you develop as a hockey player? Most importantly, perhaps, the sport requires players to sprint up and down the field, chasing the disc as it changes hands each time. By running back and forth at full speed, you will be strengthening the same muscles that you require to beat an opponent on a breakaway on the ice. Furthermore, by playing a sport that requires you to catch and throw a flying disc, you will by developing your hand-eye coordination significantly, something that is required of all skilled hockey players.

Are you looking for a team to join, or even a place to play ultimate Frisbee with friends? Consider checking with your local rec center to see if there are public leagues in the area. Or, simply grab a disc and a few friends, and head to a local park to start a pickup game.

Try Trail Running

Do you live in an area that has plenty of venues for outdoor exploration? Are there hills, trails, or mountains accessible and nearby to your home? This summer, consider setting aside any serious equipment or gear and heading up into the hills for a run, either by yourself, with a canine companion or even with a few of your closest friends. Trail running has a host of both physical and mental benefits that will keep you happy and healthy this summer.

What benefits does trail running offer a hockey player? Of course, it will help you stay in shape, as you must utilize the strength and endurance of your legs when you are running up and down hills. Furthermore, by spending extended periods outdoor in both nature and under the sun, you can help improve your mood, and even feel a stronger connection with the outdoors. Grab your USA Hockey® shorts and head outside this summer for an adventure in the hills.

Try Something New This Summer

Are you looking for a few new physical activities to try this summer in replacement of hockey? Consider picking up these fun games and activities to stay in shape and have a blast in the great outdoors. 

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