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What’s the Temp in a Hockey Rink?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

What’s the Temperature in a Hockey Rink? And How to Stay Warm! Anyone who has skated along the surface of an ice rink, or simply visited a hockey arena to watch their favorite team play, understands that the interior temperatures of a hockey rink can be quite low. To be sure, while athletes racing down the ice may see the cool temps as a relief during the fast-paced game, those players not on the ice, as well as coaches, assistants, officials, and fans are left to fend off the cold weather in...

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What Are Good Ice Hockey Drills for Shooting Practice?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Learn Your Power Drills! An ice hockey player with a strong wrist shot or slapshot may quickly become one of the most feared members on the entire team. While fast skaters and excellent defenseman are generally revered, it is the powerful shooters who are able to score on even the best goalie in the league and help carry their team to a championship. Of course, there are few naturally gifted hockey players who quickly develop an incredibly fast slapshot with relative ease. However, for most...

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