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Brady Brady and the Cranky Kicker Childrens Book  sports books, story books, kids book, kids books, picture books, reader books, football books
Price: $6.95
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Item #: BB4018 -

    You know Brady Brady from his hockey adventures, and now you can read as Brady tries his hand?or rather, foot?at football. This charming children?s book is fun for the whole family! In Brady Brady and the Cranky Kicker, Brady and his friends are just trying to have some fun with a football. But they can?t seem to do anything that doesn?t upset Brady?s neighbor, Mr. Luddy! The old man is mean and cranky, for no good reason?or so they thought. Sports book is recommended for kids ages 4-8 years....

    Brady Brady and the Great Exchange Childrens Book
    Price: $6.95
    Availability: In Stock
    VOLUMES PUBLISHING Item #: 4012H -

      Hockey is a fun sport and kids can play for a long time. But it's also an extremely expensive sport for kids to play especially since they grow like weeds. This sports book talks about those growing pains and offers a creative solution to those growing pain problems. In this Brady Brady children's book, Brady thinks he's just helping one friend get hockey equipment that fits, but his Great Exchange idea ends up helping out so many more teammates. Picture book is recommended for kids ages 4-8...

      Brady Brady and the Singing Tree Childrens Book
      Price: $6.95
      Availability: In Stock
      VOLUMES PUBLISHING Item #: 4011H -

        Kids book series where kids are confronted with age-appropriate difficulties and how to handle them. Kids learn how to handle different situations through these hockey themed sports books. These story books are entertaining for hockey fans and non-hockey fans. Little boys and little girls will fall in love with Brady Brady and the Icehogs team. In Brady Brady and the Singing Tree, Icehogs teammate, Tree loves to sing but is afraid to tell his dad and almost quits hockey, but Brady comes to the...

        Brady Brady and the Big Mistake Childrens Book
        Price: $6.95
        Availability: In Stock
        VOLUMES PUBLISHING Item #: 4008H -

          Delightful sports book for kids! Brady Brady is really excited to have his friends over for a game of hockey and everything has to be perfect. He's looks for something to really impress his friends when they come to play. His big idea turns out to be a huge mistake! Find out what the big mistake is and how Brady Brady digs himself out of the hole he dug in this entertaining story book. A children's book for ages 4-8 years or grades 1-3. Written by Mary Shaw. Illustrated by Chuck Temple. 32...


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